Maybe it's just my perspective -- but there are few things I find more southern than Flyswatters. Growing up my mom always seem to have one around, and would whisk it this way and that. On the good side, it enabled her to leave everything but the screen door open so she could have that full "Florida Room" experience while reading, but at the same time there was always something buzzing around the house, making dinner seem more like picnics.

It was also her preferred disciplinary implement whenever my brother or I misbehaved (which probably has more to do with why I dislike them than anything else).

Still, for a lot of us it's the last day at work before a holiday -- which means a lot of surfing the web, chewing the fat, and swiping at flies.

Have at it!

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Hex said...

Personally I'd just close the goddamn window, but then again -- the market for first person swatter games is pretty thin, so perhaps the programmers behind this are on to something, eh?

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