Being Thankful

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Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian TV show that's now in its seventh season. As such, it's a highly recommended thing of several moments ago. But since I'm a dumb American and just found out aboot it, it's new to me.

The characters are all residents of the same trailer park, and the show centers on their petty crimes, get-rich-quick schemes, and power struggles. Be thankful you don't live in a trailer park.The show can be a bit hit-and-miss, but the magic is in the details: lead character Ricky lives out of a car and stirs his Kool-Aid with a plastic shoehorn. His partner in crime *always* has a mixed drink in his hand, and they're constantly harassed by a disgraced cop/trailer park supervisor with delusions of grandeur.

What's really great about the show is that it's not just a snobby put-down of trailer trash. The characters have a can-do ethic, and survival skills that work for them within the park, even if they don't completely understand how the world outside works.

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