One of champagne's most romantic rituals -- sipping it out of a woman's shoe, gets taken to the next level by Piper Heidsieck and designer Christian Louboutin in this (surely super expensive) gift set.

I'll be honest here -- it's something I've always wanted to do, because it seems like such a mack move, but the opportunity has yet to present itself in the correct combination (by which I mean, I've been around women with sexy shoes but no available champagne, I've been around women with champagne who were not wearing shoes that would accomplish the task, and then sometimes you just sort of think about what it might be like to sip anything out of a friggin' shoe and still try to look all Rico Suave about everything).

So perhaps something like this would help out -- although when you think about it I might find myself ruining the given romantic moment if I were somehow caught trying to sneak in a "stunt shoe" somewhere along the line.

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unMuse said...

ok yuck. i don't care how sexy the shoes or feet, the fact is, there's toe jam in that shoe and you will br drinking it.

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