The Bronson Maneuver

I really like this, and it looks supremely cool -- but if there was ever proof that stop motion animation is a time-restrictive process, this is it.

Simply put, this "short" is just too darn short.

And yet, if I could edit it in any way to make it better, I'd remove the fly. I know the animators probably felt it was a good way to establish the gag, but honestly -- the whole thing relies so much on references to other scenes that we didn't need that setup, and it kinda stole your thunder.

All that being said, the little "making of" section that follows is a very cool peek into an animation style that's truly a labor of love.

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Satorical said...

Actually, the more setup the better with something like that, IMO. Dossiers showing him to be incredibly badass, signed pictures from hotties, etc. Then...brrzap.

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