Rush Limbaugh Karaoke

Two things about this clip. First, despite the presence of the Roots -- Fallon's show is still not that entertaining. He seems under-rehearsed, ideas seem sorta tossed out, and the studio audience still doesn't seem like they've "bought in" yet. These things take time, but all that being said -- it feels shakey, you know?

Second, This idea needs to be picked up and taken to places where people drink before you get the microphone (like Kimmel's show, for instance), because it should be tons funnier than this (even though I did get a chuckle out of it).

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Satorical said...

Idea: A
Execution: C
Fallon: D

He's not connecting with the audience or guests (game players). That would be sort of ok if he was playing beyond the room for the camera. Nope, he's just hoping he gets through it.

Oh, and we know it's a GPX piece of shit, but don't rag on your sponsor's gifts. Bad form.

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