I Come Highly Recommended

Hello there internets. Welcome to my first posting here on Highly Recommended Thing Of The Moment. I'm a friend of
Sartorical's and as I'm always sending him things to recommend. Ya see, I'm currently out of work due to this here recession so I've got LOTS of time to waste and find fun things on the internet (thanks again, Al Gore). So he figured he'd cut out the middle man (that being him) and now I get to post myself! Wheeee... someone else's laziness finally reaps me rewards. So hello hello all ye readers... and I look forward to providing you with some fun things for your viewing pleasure.

My first post is the link that got me this blogging schindig in the first place - http://hrrrthrrr.tumblr.com/. I first came across the blog specifically for the AWESOME soda bottle moustaches (I seem to have a thing for moustaches... this photo of mine is a personal favorite - ,) but came to find so much more to look around and enjoy. The website's design itself is quite lovely and crafty. And the content itself has a lot of great finds, well designed products and graphics, and fun humor. And as a graphic designer who loves injecting humor in her work, I'll admit, it makes me green with envy at times! Enjoy!!

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Monster said...

A hearty HRTotM welcome to Clicking Girl. And many thanks for wasting much of my quickly progressing work day with the first recommendation. You'll fit in here just fine. :)

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