Tee shirt appropriate for movie openings, parties, bar mitzvahs, etc.

I'm down with the guys at Jinx. Great guys, make some nerdy shirts and gear. They work hard, play hard.

This is all time:

Nice work guys. Simple, back to your roots, and works at many functions.

Oh and for everyone like Hex, internet superstar,- Here you go.


Dorian said...

I saw that in my weekly JINX mailing this week and <3'd it :)

Monster said...

I like J!NX for the way they make extremely nerdy stuff very clever. It's like a secret code for super-nerds, it totally takes one to spot one. Otherwise, we're just being ironic - like hipsters with baggy jeans.

Hex said...

This better not take long to arrive in the mail ;)

Satorical said...

Some guy shouted this right before the opening crawl when I saw Episode III.

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