Lil' Rush

I'm an unabashed Rush fan (is there any other kind?). I'm pretty happy right now 'cause I scored a ticket for their last show this tour in Madison Square Garden without selling an organ. All hail Craig's list.

Anyway, Rush appreciates its fans, and they always play their biggest hit "Tom Sawyer" at live shows.

However, like any hit song, after several hundred times of playing the thing, it can get to be the same-old same-old. So a while back they started adding video intros to liven things up.

First the young girl from the Moving Pictures album was animated into a babe, who counted down the song. During the 30th anniversary tour, bobblehead figures of the band were headbanging on giant screens during the song.

Now, there's this.


Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

I thought this was awesome when I first saw it. Glad you got a ticket, how's the seat? We're way up top in the 340s. Not sure when we're getting there but I have your number though.

Satorical said...

I'm in 232, with a straight-line view to the stage. I sat about where you are for The Police, and we had a fine view.

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