Chocolate Pain

It's a little scary to see just how quickly the web is moving these days.

Case in point -- despite the fact that he's been doing his thing for a while on YouTube, it's only been recently that this guy went viral, and he's already made it to this stage.

Tune in next week when he's in a house on VH1 trying to find true love.

ps - not that he needs the pub, but Perez' take is priceless.


unMuse said...

then you have to watch this one:


Hex said...

Funny stuff. The only thing that sorta bugs me about Kimmel is that a lot of his comedy starts out with "have you seen this?"

The show has decent writers -- the whole dad bit was great, but sometimes Kimmels schtick leaves him looking like the guy that forwards you all the wacky emails..

which, you know -- is sorta my gig.


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