Greg Giraldo 1, Dennis Leary 0

Colin Quinn (who once helped oust Satorical from an episode of MTV's "Remote Control") used to have this show on Comedy Central called "Tough Crowd" where stand-up comedians, semi-celebrities, and the occasional public servant would get together and discuss the issues of the day. Certainly not a new idea (try to imagine Bill Maher's show without all the ...Bill Maher), but occasionally entertaining nonetheless.

The thing that made this show the most interesting for me though was the way that as it began to fade into obscurity the forum became more of a fight club for the comedians involved. Take for example this clip where funnyman Greg Giraldo does his best to set up a joke about the North Korean Nuclear Problem, but then decides instead to basically tear into not-quite-as-funny-as-he-used-to-be-when-he-was-stealing-Bill-Hicks'-material-man Dennis Leary, who does not appear pleased at all to discover that his expensive sunglasses provide less protection than he originally paid for.

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