R-Rated Aprons

We used to call them "dad gifts." Whenever you'd go to department stores at Christmas you'd see these tables filled with golf tees, flashlights with sirens and tape measures built in, boxes of assorted neckties, or wallets that could double as compasses or digital watches. Stuff nobody would ever want - but clearly put there to help the hordes of families stuck buying that one last gift for the person who is almost always the hardest to figure out.

For me, the worst part of the "dad gift" was seeing that look in the persons eye when they opened it. That look that says "Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm never going to use this."

Well not this year. This year I've found the one gift that will conquer all other "dad gifts" combined. The one gift that the hard-to-buy for people I care about will want to show off. Will want to talk about.

Hell, I don't think my dad even likes to cook out on the grill. But just watch -- once he gets one of these, he'll be making up excuses to invite people over.

I can just see him at work now..
"What'd your family get you -- an electronic crossword puzzle dictionary? Well take a look at what I got!!!"

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