How Did This Get Made?

If you're a movie nerd (as I know many of the staff here at HRTOTM are) you really need to check this podcast out. More than just bagging on bad movies -- which has been done to death, this podcast takes a film that's conceptually so bad that all you can do when you see the poster or the trailer is wonder "How Did This Get Made" and tries to make sense of the studio/celebrity thought process that led to such a disastrous piece of crap not only getting made but then getting marketed and released to the public.

We're talking films like All About Steve, The Last Airbender, and Burlesque, and they try to make sense of the plots, which are invariably 100 times more insane than you'd ever expect them to be.

Comedian Paul Scheer and his team are basically just starting out, so there's only like 5-6 episodes to listen to so far, but it's absolutely hilarious and worth your time.


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Winston Smith said...

Seconded; I always enjoy hearing them talk out the insane plots point by point. Solid pod

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