What Phish Sounds Like to People Who Don't Like Phish

Look, I'm all about bashing Phish. If someone were to start a political party who's platform included a 95% income tax rate, beating up puppies, and hating on Jam Bands I'd be the first in line to vote for them.

But if you're gonna do a joke, then do a joke no one's heard, ok?

See, this would be funny to me if I hadn't already been versed in the "(Insert Musical Act Name Here) Shreds" meme that we featured on this site many moons ago (you know, back when we used to have time to post updates).

Does this video accurately portray the unmitigated suck that is Phish? Yeah, a little. Personally, I'd actually suggest that as a parody it's simply not annoying enough to paint a clear enough picture of just how much Phish sucks, but beggars can't be choosers, right?


Look, if you're out to kill Jam Bands with a parody video, then you need to look no further than MST3K, who assassinated the Grateful Dead in less than three minutes about 10 years ago.

Fatality. Flawless Victory. Now go get a job, hippie.

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Satorical said...

I still love the Cosmic Freight Train bit. They *annihilated* jam bands with that.

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