Six Surefire Ways to Get Lectured by Internet Commenters

While we will occasionally get a good discussion thread happening here at HRToTM, over the years it seems more like our rabid readership is far more content to quietly consider the stuff we put up on our little site and keep their comments to themselves.

As such, we sidestep some of the more annoying trends that accompany sites with more active talkback strings (read: Firsties), but like everyone else on the web -- we're certainly aware of it, and have even probably taken part in a few ourselves.

As a result, I found this particular article really interesting in the ways it discusses the five most common ways that discussion threads almost always veer off track into petty name-calling and arguments -- which I think says a lot about internet culture itself.

And then -- as you should expect, the talkback thread after the post takes the whole thing and runs it into the ground.

Still, good stuff.

See what you think -- and feel free to leave some comments afterward :)

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