An Explanation to the Unfortunate Waitress Who Had My Table

Is this real? Honestly, I hope not. I fully admit that I've had some crushingly embarrassing experiences in my pursuit of the fairer sex -- including several waitresses, bartenders, and store employees who I simply couldn't think of the best way to approach or talk to outside of the standard customer/service provider relationship -- but nothing like this.

Read on and count yourself lucky that your epic strikeouts didn't end as ..pointedly as this one did.

(click for a larger version)

Serious props to the guy for staying on target till the bloody end.


Chris said...

I love the "not all stalker like" part. If one has to point out how un-stalkerish one is, one is probably being a liiiiiiiitle bit stalkerish.

Also: OW.

Satorical said...

BS, but funny BS.

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