Getting a Head Start on Spring Love

BKLN cats up for adoption:

Posh & Becks: adorable 5 month old kittens. Becks is all white and
quite the ham. Posh is all black and quite the lady.

Fonde: 1.5 y.o. white and brown tabby. Shy, but very loving.

Chicken Little: 7 m.o brown tabby. Instant purrer. Fonde's only
surviving daughter.

Cheeto. Previous adopters took him in at 4 months. Eight months later
decided he wasn't cuddly enough and returned him. He's a total
sweetheart. Not in your face, but scritch around his chin and he flops
over on his back. He loves to sit in your lap when you're slaving away
at the computer. He's a great peach color too!

Juno: 1 y.o. brown tabby. Very affectionate once she gets to know you

Hank the Tank: Seriously, the best of the bunch. This guy is basically
a dog in a cat's body. He's FIV+ though.


Werdna said...

You going for a crazy old cat lady vibe?

Cause I can riff along with that...

Want me to pee on something?

Satorical said...

Seen it.

Werdna said...

Probably most Wendy's workers and half of Tallahassee and Jacksonville has seen it.

Mreow. Time to call the humane society.

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