Best Fight Scene Ever

To help you ramp up for the first leg of your five-day texas death match with the work week, take a look at this gem from Undefeatable, yet another in a line of unintentionally hilarious films starring Cynthia Rothrock (seen here as the one-armed master of towel-fu).

(it gets a little graphic and there's lots of shouting, so if you're at the office it's probably best to turn it down a little.)

I swear, every time you think it's starting to wear thin, this clip surprises you by getting even better. In fact, the only thing I think that could possibly improve this scene at all would be for mullet dude to tell the Van-Dammish guy he is his father.
"We'll keep an eye out for you, Stingray!"


Satorical said...

That's even better than the end of Universal Soldier. Nice find.

Monster said...




See ya.

Hawkmistress said...

Okay, I KNOW that guy. Not Stingray. The other guy. This is driving me nuts. Come on, has anybody else got a clue?

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