Pornstar Bears

My grandmother collects ceramics.

Precious Moments, Christmas ornaments, craft show pieces -- she has them all. She keeps all of these treasures locked away inside a sealed glass case that she keeps in the front drawing room of her house. This is the same room that holds her Tiffany Lamps, her "Gone With the Wind" commemorative china set, and her books about opera.

During our childhood years my brother and I were forbidden from going into that room out of a fear that we might accidentally break something. As a result -- for nearly all of my adult life I have harbored a secret desire to someday go into the forbidden room and cerimoniously smash all of those friggin' ceramic figurines to bits.

Of course I'm not gonna do it, because despite her crazy house rules, her lunatic southern politics, and her tendency to tell the same story over and over and over and over again -- she's still my grandmother, you know?

Unfortunatly all of kinda this leaves me in a state of emotional limbo where I desperately want to take out my vengance, but ethically know that I shouldn't.

But now, with the advent of these plucky (and hopefully protected) forest creatures -- I might just have found the perfect way to eviscerate those childhood demons without physically demolishing 70-odd years of heartfelt (yet fanatical) collecting and preserving.
My grandmother collects ceramics.
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