Remember when just about anything 3-D computer animated was amazing? Before the internet was everywhere and cell phones were just for a-holes? Remember watching boxes and cylinders traveling across movie screens at horribly slow rates thinking that nothing could ever, ever top that?

I suppose it's all part of living in an age where technologogy re-invents itself seemingly every few months, but it seems like forever since all that slick plastic-looking animation with it's clicky motion and strange mirror reflections seemed the highest form of voodoo magic. Now when you look at it it's all sorta cheesy and fake looking, and shows up in TV commercials for car dealerships and chiropractors..

But it's not like it was all that long ago when it was total ooh and aah fodder, was it?

Anyways, here's a little visit to those days of "The Gate to the Minds Eye" goodness -- a fanboy animation depicting in pretty strong detail the drum parts from everyone's favorite instrumental. Kind of a hefty download, but certainly worth it - even if it's just to hear the song again.

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